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2020/2021 ÉSG PAC Annual Report

Posted Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Highlights of our school year include:

  • Videos were made to promote safety around the school and provide a behind the scenes look at what the school looks like now with restrictions
  • Many fundraising efforts were put on hold as last year’s funds were unspent
  • Investigated upgrading sign – school has asked for support for ordering new letters. Still looking to find a company that makes letters in the size we require.
  • Offered support for book fair, but no volunteers were needed as it was done online and delivered to homes
  • Staff appreciation – provided separate lunches for all staff members
  • Supported École Varennes with $500 for holiday hampers which went out to families in need in their community
  • Refunded hot lunch credits to over 150 families
  • Supported kindergarten evening with a speaker introducing PAC
  • Supported an information session to learn more about Bill 64 from LRSD Trustees
  • Lacoste fundraiser sold over $12000 in gift cards which is over $1500 profit. Gift cards were delivered to homes by PAC members

Plan to support

  • Planting clover on the hill behind the school. Working with school on details
  • A grade 5 farewell celebration
  • The removal of rocks and then planting clover in front of the school
  • $500 bursary for a graduating College Jeanne-Sauvé student
  • An honourarium to St. Timothy’s for use of their parking lot

As always, it is appreciated that our PAC members generously volunteer their time or bring their ideas and expertise to the table to help enrich our children’s school lives.