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2019/2020 ÉSG PAC Annual Report

Posted Wednesday, June 3, 2020

While currently overused, it really is the perfect word to describe the school year . . . UNPRECEDENTED!

Perhaps I should have known this would be a different year when we started with our annual BBQ in an unconventional format! That said, the health and safety of our family has been made a priority which is most important.

Highlights of our school year, in addition to what we do on a regular basis, include:

  • Purchases for our children such as a winter recess equipment, toques for patrols, microwaves
  • Supported/assisted in drafting a position paper from the LRSD school community on the Manitoba Commission on K-12 Education
  • Continued supporting the lobbying movement around French secondary education in LRSD, specifically the CJS expansion
  • Organized a new-style of BBQ without games, with live entertainment (Sierra Noble). Not our best BBQ but worth a try
  • Hosted a fun and successful Scholastic Book Fair (gave away lots of books, sold over $5,400 worth of books = over $3,000 in Scholastic credit for the library)
  • Supported cultural events in the school during Festival du Voyageur and an artist for Grade 5 (instead of attending FdV)
  • Used Munch a Lunch for hot lunch orders and took full control of hot lunch (and retained net proceeds as a fundraiser)
  • Planned, but didn’t host, a movie night
  • Launched new website with awesome new logo (thanks Jamie and Cat) and new PAC bulletin board at the school
  • Plan to plant clover on the hill over summer – heartier than grass
  • Plan to support a grade 5 farewell memento

We supported:

  • Knitting Club
  • Our departing Grade 5s
  • Flowers the front of the school (thanks Lisa H)
  • Our Fundraising goal was $12,000, and our overall fundraising total was $9,935.12. This is pretty amazing considering we did not run Show & Save or Lacoste fundraisers (last year these two raised $4,200). This Includes hot lunch, which was not part of the goal as we didn’t know at the time that PAC would be taking it over

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to all our PAC members as they are the best PAC members around! From attending meetings to helping out on so many occasions, none of our successes would have happened without you!